Why Rent your RV from Unlimited RV

Adventure enthusiasts who are looking forward to spend some quality time on the road with their friends and family should consider renting a RV for the maximum convenience and comfort. With a RV at your disposal you no longer need to worry about renting a room for the night or stopping for a coffee or snacks. If you are planning to hire an RV for your next summer vacation, you should definitely go for Unlimited RV the best RV rental agency in Kansas City. Here you will be able to find the nicest recreational vehicles at the most cost effective rates.

Unlimited RV is a family owned company which has been catering to the recreational vehicles needs of Kansas City for more than a decade. The number one agency for Kansas City RV rental, Unlimited RV has been providing quality service to the travel enthusiasts of the Midwest since 1998. Renting a RV for your trip not just makes economic sense but also allows for a more casual and carefree way of travelling. No matter if you are going for a family trip, an adventure in the mountains, a camping trip, or a trip to the beach, you will be able to make the most out of your holidays by having a recreational vehicle at your disposal.

Why go for our RV rental services

  • All the RVs you will get here come with slideouts which would allow you to maximize your space for the ultimate comfort.
  • The RVs are all equipped with power awnings. This would ensure that you don’t lack in any of the digital comforts be it TV, DVD players, HDMI connection to your smartphone or GPS.
  • While our regular RVs can accommodate 2-6 individuals the larger ones can accommodate 5-8 people.
  • All our recreational vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to ensure the safety, comfort and entertainment of your family throughout the trip.
  • When you rent an RV from us you get to travel 150 miles per day which is 50% more than any other RV rental service provider in Kansas City.
  • You no longer need to bother about stopping for your snacks on the way since all our vehicles come with free kitchen amenities. You don’t have to bother about packing all your kitchen supplies since we keep all our recreational vehicles nicely outfitted.
  • With every purchase from Unlimited RV the client is going to get a free commercial insurance. There is no reason to be worried about any hidden fees.
  • You can hit the road with confidence since you can always bank on our roadside assistance.
  • Our vehicles are professionally serviced and maintained before and after the rental.
  • The recreational vehicles of Unlimited RV come with all the items required to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. You will find all safety equipment in the vehicle such as seat belts, fire extinguisher, back up camera etc.
  • All the rigs are smoke free so that you get to fresh scent of the rain or the earth.

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