Foundation problems and how to deal with it

Pier Masters one of the best Kansas City foundation repair companies has been providing top notch foundation repair services for more than 3 decades for its clients in Kansas City and other towns in the Midwest.

Foundation repair

Pier Masters offer the following foundation repair services:

  1. Foundation Settlement and Piercing-

The foundation settlement not just negatively impact the very foundation of your property but can also lead to perilous structural conditions. Our piercing and foundation settlement services would preserve the structural integrity of your property for many decades to come. Foundation piercing solutions can be effectively used to tackle the problems related to foundation settlement. Some of our foundation piercing solutions are:

  • Resistance Piers- or push piers are utilized for stabilizing and lifting the existing foundations which have either settled or shifted.
  • Helical Piers- This is a kind of piercing system where the helical piers are screwed to the ground which and thus need lesser excavation when compared to other kinds of piers. Helical piers should ideally be used in places with limited access.
  • Combination Piles or Helical Pulldown Piles- this comes with the extra advantage of grout column surrounding the shaft of the average helical piers.
  • Rock Anchoring- Here small grouted piles with steel shafts in the centres are drilled through the ground for underpinning the new and existing building.


  1. Bowed or pushed in walls:

The increasing external pressure on the foundation walls can cause it to slide along the base, slope along the top or bow in the middle. The soil in Kansas City come with a high quantity of expansive clay which tend to swell in the presence of water and shrinks when its dry. Whenever the soil is over saturated there is a chance of development of swell pressure which in turn weakens the foundation walls and caves it in. Some of the most sought after remedies for bowed walls are-

  • Helical Tiebacks
  • Steel beam vertical wall restraints
  • Carbon fibre vertical wall restraints

Pier Masters have successfully worked on thousands of properties with bowed foundation walls. We make sure to straighten the foundation wall and strengthen them so that they are capable of resisting the external pressure in the times to come.

  1. Foundation Crack Repair

The cracks in your foundation walls can develop due to a number of reasons such as foundation settlement issues, caved in walls, improper drainage, shrinking of concrete and subsoil shrinkage or heaving. The presence of foundation cracks can adversely affect the integrity of the structure and therefore calls for prompt foundation repair services by our experts. After identifying the cause and the extent of the cracks we would start to work on the right method for long term repair of your property. Some of the methods for repairing foundation cracks are:

  • Epoxy Injection or Urethane Injection-
  • Carbon fibre crack repair

Keep in mind that the foundation is like the very skeleton of your property which when left unattended can lead to grave consequences for the entire structure of the property.

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